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"Over the years my love of fishing has grown, and I’ve been able to experience a lot of adventures while doing it. One of my best memories is when I got to deckhand with Blue Safari Charters in Venice, Louisiana. It was such a great experience in learning, the size of the fish, and the people I met.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop fishing. It kicked me out in nature, where I love to be, and it keeps me active and engaged."

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“I’m born and raised in Florida, learned to fish from my dad fishing for blue gill in lake okeechobee and reds and trout on the west coast. Then my ambition to get my first mahi took over and been addicted to the deep blue since! Favorite is mahi fishing (I live the colors!!!) still trying to get my wahoo but best catch was 400+ sword out of the keys
Ocean is my happy place but even just pond fishing feeling the tap at the end of rod will do, that is what makes me happiest!”

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"Hi My name is Mandy Tillman from Irvington Alabama. I’m married to Captain Kurt Tillman and we have two beautiful twin girls Randi and Rachel Tillman. I’m a Registered Nurse and I work for a Pharmaceutical Company as a Respiratory Specialty Rep. I enjoy hunting and fishing with my family as much as possible and I’m also a bit of a Crossfit Junky! Deep dropping is my all time favorite type of fishing!! Deep water Grouper is my favorite fish to catch and eat! I feel so Blessed to live on the Gulf Coast"

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Captain T with High Heat Sportsfishing, Inc specializes in private corporate offshore charters.

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"I’m Stuart Holmes. Originally from the Florida Panhandle, but now fish out of Orange Beach, AL. I can be found offshore when the seas are right, but do enjoy my fair share of inshore angling on my yak. My main fishing partner is Trey Burns of High Heat Sportfishing"

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Erica’s love for fishing and being outdoors grows every day. She hopes to inspire more girls & women to get outdoors & fish as well!

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